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This is the official Marché® website, a brand of Marché International.  Marché® specializes in gastronomy and belongs to Mövenpick-Holding AG with Swiss roots.  Our core competencies are in the areas of gastronomy, the hotel sector and wine.
Marché International AG, for the purpose of this website portrayal, is responsible for all Marché® design, Cindy's Diner as well as Mövenpick restaurants.
By visiting these Marché® pages, you recognize and accept our regulations and contractual obligations for the usage of this website ("Terms of Use and Contract"), as well as all currently valid statutes and guidelines.
We therefore highly recommend that you read the "Terms of Use and Contract" below before you start surfing through this website. All of the brand names, other names, titles, logos, images, designs, texts and other materials used within these pages are the sole property of Mövenpick Holding or one of the companies belonging to the Mövenpick Group. The text and image files presented here are protected by copyright laws and/or are patented and/or protected by other legal means.

Mövenpick reserves the right to change, edit or delete any of the texts presented in the "Terms of Use and Contract" without prior notice. All such changes become legally binding immediately.

Terms of Use and Contract
All of the information contained on this website is protected by copyright. Unless otherwise stated and barring prior written consent by Mövenpick, the content contained herein may not be used for any other purpose other than within the framework of these "Terms of Use and Contract" or as expressly stated within the text in the website.

Neither Mövenpick nor any of the companies belonging to the Mövenpick Group assumes responsibility or guarantee that the use of any of the materials presented on this website does not, in fact, injure any of the rights of independent third parties, which are not a member of the Mövenpick Group.

The downloading and the use of any of the content of this website is only permissible if such use is solely non-commercial, informational and personal in nature, if the copyright symbol is clearly visible and if the documents remain wholly unchanged and the copyright, brand name and other restrictions were all duly considered.

Any other type of usage that extends beyond the rights granted above is forbidden. All of the photographs, images, designs, logos, titles and brand names (both registered and unregistered) publicly depicted on this website, as well as all other types of content, are either the sole possession of Mövenpick or are the property of third parties and are being used with their permission. The use of such content by other users may only take place if prior, written consent is obtained from Mövenpick or from such third parties which hold legal ownership of the materials. Only under such conditions may such materials be distributed, altered in any way, publicized, transferred, used, sent, fed into other systems or used for any public or commercial purposes. The infringement upon these regulations will be legally prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Although Mövenpick makes every effort to assure that the information on this website is correct, neither Mövenpick nor any members of the Mövenpick Group assume responsibility for the topicality, correctness or totality of the information presented herein. This applies explicitly, though not solely, to the section "Investor Relations". Likewise, no guarantee is given that the information presented here meets the specific needs of the user.

Mövenpick, all other companies that belong to the Mövenpick Group and all other parties that are involved in the design production and/or implementation of this website assume no responsibility whatsoever for either direct, circumstantial, or indirect damages, follow-up damages or rights to indemnification that may result from accessing this website or the use of this website. In particular, insofar that a contact exists between the user and Mövenpick, no liability is assumed for negligent breach of duty that is minor in nature, insofar that no contractually relevant duties or a shortage of characteristics or demands from the product liability statutes are affected. The same applies for all factors, servants and assignees.

All personal data that is sent to Mövenpick is handled in accordance with the Privacy Policy on this website, as stated below. Other notices and materials (ideas, images, graphics, questions, comments, proposals, etc.), which you may send to Mövenpick either via the Internet or by e-mail will be considered non-confidential and not to be subject to copyright protection and will therefore become the property of Mövenpick and may be used exclusively by Mövenpick without the responsibility of compensation. 

Cross-references ("Links")
Links to other suppliers are offered solely as a service to our customers. Categorically, Mövenpick neither monitors nor controls the content of such third party sites and is therefore not responsible for such content or for their Privacy Policies. Following a link to other websites causes the surfer to leave the Mövenpick site. Websites connected to be Mövenpick website by links are not under the control of Mövenpick. Mövenpick therefore assumes no responsibility or liability for webcasting and other forms of networking that such third party suppliers may use. The use of such third party websites is at the risk of the user and takes place without our endorsement.

Links to other websites within the Mövenpick Group are only permissible on the top-level homepage. Deep-linking (placing a direct link to a lower-level website) is only permissible with the prior, expressed, written approval of Mövenpick. Framing of the website, individual pages and/or individual objects on a page is only permissible with prior, express written approval.

Privacy Policy
Personal protection is very important to us. Visitors to the Mövenpick website will never be asked to divulge any sort of personal information, such as name, address, telephone number or e-mail address. This kind of information is, however, indispensable, if you as the user would want to take advantage of any of the special services we offer at our site, such as newsletters, the making reservations or the placing orders. We guarantee that we will use this personal information about you only to supply the specific service you have requested. The personal information about you that you supply to us will not be sold to any third party outside of the Mövenpick Group, nor will it be leased, rented, exchanged or handed out in any other form and this information will not be used for any other purpose than those expressly stated in this declaration.

In some situations, Mövenpick makes use of so-called "cookies". A cookie is a small file that is saved to the hard disc drive of the user and contains certain information about the user, but does not serve to identify the user in any way. These cookies are only used to help us analyze user behavior and to make it possible for us to send the user personalized offers. A vast majority of our special offers are still available to the user, even if the cookie function has been deactivated on his/her computer (in Explorer: Settings/Extras/Internet Options/General).

Your access to this website can be logged. Mövenpick reserves the right to use this anonymous information strictly for statistical analyses.
Mövenpick grants authority to several of its partners to place their logos and links to their sites on the Mövenpick website, whenever we believe that that company may be of interest to you. Mövenpick does not control the data security standards of such third-party companies. Following such links is at the sole risk of the user.
Mövenpick uses only the most current encryption and security guidelines, as well as the most modern technological security measures. All personal data is collected and stored under the strict adherence of these guidelines and is used exclusively by the Mövenpick Group.

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