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At Marché®, we value our wide variety of fresh and healthy food.  We are continuously striving to offer our customers the very best, therefore we proudly serve seasonal products from regional farmers.  Our guests are invited to see exactly how their meal is prepared, as our chefs cook within the marketplace; leaving no secrets!  Our friendly and casual atmosphere makes your dining experience with us even better!


Since 1983, our Marché® restaurants have guaranteed uncompromising, fresh cooking to please our guests. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Bircher muesli, pasta or mixed salad, all our products and ingredients are prepared directly in our restaurants. We cook, boil, and roast around the clock enabling our food to be prepared exclusively in small portions.  This method of cooking assures our guests that they are receiving a fresh meal with every visit, which you can hear, see and taste!


As the original in display cooking, we live our commitment to transparency in our restaurants through peeling, washing, roasting, baking and cooking before the eyes of our guests every day. Every single dish is prepared at our marketplace, which allows our guests to appreciate this feature with all their senses. Our  display cooking principle enables us to respond flexibly to the wishes of our guests.


The thoughtful preparation
The strong taste of our high quality ingredients allows our chefs to let the ingredients “speak for themselves”, therefore we opt to use spices very sparingly. A pinch of sea salt, a little bit of high-quality olive oil or a handful of fresh herbs enhances the natural flavour without overdoing it.

Regional products

The Marché® concept aims to support and receive the freshest products from the local region. To ensure fresh preparation we get our products semi-direct from regional farms or agriculture companies from rural areas, not from a central depot.

Natural ingredients

Natural products are important to us, that is why we dismiss the use of artificial additives and preservatives. We choose to cook and bake with fresh and natural ingredients such as spelt flour instead of white flour, honey in place of sugar and fresh herbs rather than artificial seasonings.  Thus, bringing you a very healthy meal!


We use what nature offers! The food selection from Marché® restaurants are strongly influenced by seasonal products. Our daily ingredients can be found within the harvest or picked from local fields, for instance everything from our vegetable soup to the varied salad buffet up to the fruity patisseries are all prepared according to the season.


Enjoyment with responsibility
In all Marché® restaurants in Germany and Austria we use Mövenpick organic & fair trade coffee for all our coffee specialties. These coffee beans have been produced environmentally friendly according to international social standards and fair trade.  In addition, the organic signet guarantees that it has been ecologically produced under strict control. Every cup of coffee represents pleasure with responsibility!


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