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Indoor and outdoor playgrounds are both standard features at our locations.
Depending on the space available and the demand, we often have a play castle set up for the children. There they can have fun rough-housing after that long trip in the car.

Kids Corner

Depending on the restaurant size, we have a kids corner with many exciting toys for our small guests. Whether your children prefer to climb, play with wooden toys or paint; they will be sure to have a good time!  To remember this experience, balloons are given to children to take home with them!

Outdoor Playground

Many Marché® Restaurants offer an outdoor playground. After a long car journey kids now have the possibility to play in the fresh air!  Our playgrounds offer wooden climbing frames for children to enjoy.

Cooperation with Brio

Marché International has had a special agreement with the well-known toy manufacturer, Brio, ever since 2004. BRIO is one of the world’s leading brand names for wooden toys and has been known for its model train sets for generations.
Thanks to this cooperation, all of the playing areas at Marché® restaurants are equipped with high-quality, educationally enhanced toys.

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