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Picky's world

Travelling with children can be a struggle however; Marché® restaurants are dedicated to helping you make your next dining experience easier for everyone. Directly at the entrance, you can find a Picky kids/babies chair to help you from the start. This allows you to ease your way through the restaurant without any inconveniences. To accommodate you and your baby, we offer you HIPP baby food and station, which contains a bottle warmer, water heater and a microwave to heat the food. To further help you with your experience diaper-changing stations are available. 
Both indoor and outdoor play areas are provided to ensure you and your children have a fun time! Children also have the opportunity to paint if they so wish.  Keep your eye out for kids festivals and seasonal events hosted by Picky!

Picky the sea-gull

Picky, our mascot, can be found entertaining everyone at each kids event. Picky is also responsible for choosing our monthly give-aways, which every child can enjoy with their Picky kids meal.


Marché® has already received several awards for our friendliness towards our youngest guests.  For example, all Marché® Restaurants in Germany in the category "Family-friendly companies 2014"  Marché Dresden was awarded for the second time the 2nd place award in Saxony, Germany and Marché Somerset won the 1st place for the child-friendliest restaurant in Singapore 2010 just to mention a few. Marché® continues receiving high scores and special recognition when highway rest stops are tested due to our friendliness and the special treatment we offer children.


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