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Marché Brookfield Place Street Level

Marché Brookfield Place Street Level
181 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2T3

Tel: +1 647 350 6999 ext.4
Fax: +1 647 350 7999

Business hours

Sunday - Thursday
7.30 am - 11.00 pm

Friday - Saturday
7.30 am - 01.00 am

You can find our 650-Guest Marché Restaurant Brookfield Place/Street Level at Yonge and Wellington, across the street from the Hockey Hall of Fame.  Along with Marché's lively market atmosphere our Guests enjoy a wide range of fresh products prepared in front of their eyes. Aside from the classic Marché assortment of freshness, our Guests enjoy a vast variety of delicious treats: savoury or sweet Crêpes, Seafood, Sushi, Roesti, homemade Pasta, Pizza, great hearty Bread Specialties and delicious Pastries from our own Marché® Natural Bakery.

For a cosmopolitan Afterwork Time check out the stylish MuvBar with carefully selected wines and liquors!


  • handicapped accessible
  • Free WLAN
  • Shopping
  • Kids Corner (indoor)
  • Baby Service Station
  • Terrace
  • Changing Table
  • Internet
  • Catering


Roesti w/Flank Steak $9.99*
Chicken Almond Kebab w/One Side $10.99*
Salami & Feta Pizza $9.99*
Maple Salmon Filet w/Mixed Greens $9.99*
Homemade Mint Raspberry Lemonade $4.29*
Chocolate Tart $5.99*

 *Before 12% Gratuity & HST, valid on April 14-17 from 11AM-3PM, valid at Marche Brookfield Place/Street Level






    Enjoy a Beef or Chicken Burger for $6.99*
    Fresh and tasty directly from the Grill.


    Valid every Monday from 8PM till closing, price before Service Charge and HST


    $9.99* STEAK DEAL on SUNDAYS

    Enjoy our quality Steak for $9.99*
    Fresh and tasty directly from the Grill.


    Valid every Sunday from 8PM till closing, price before Service Charge & HST



    Swiss Hut will surprise you with its original décor, authentic skies and wooden furniture.  This cozy room is perfect for acommodating up to 35 Guests.  It is perfect for a business breakfast/ seminar/ presentation/ birthday Party/ seated dinner, and much more.  Closeness of on of the three bars definitely adds to your Party's Event!


    Bring your Party to Marche to get rewarded with a Marche gift card*.  Text your Event inquiry to Larysa at 647 707 4345 containing your full name, e-mail address and brief message
      *Conditions apply


    Brasserie will impress you with its chic style, mirrors and classy furniture.

    Located on the corner of Yonge and Wellington you couldn't celebrate more central than that!

    The room is perfect for celebrations of up to 65 Guests, and you are welcome to enjoy your drinks from the Bar next to it!


    Bistro will bring the timeless French feeling, and it is perfect for up to 60 Guests' function.

    Celebrate with Marche your Family and Business Milestones!


    Grotto will give you a feeling of being in Spain.

    It is perfect for a 60-Guest Party.


    This amazing Cosmopolitan Outside Patio between Brookfield Place sky scrapers is perfect for a Corporate Event/ Cocktail/ One-Day Event/ Lounge type celebration.


    If planned well ahead of time we can accommodate Events for up to 400 Guests.


    Bring your Party to Marche to get rewarded with a Marche gift card*.  Text your Event inquiry to Larysa at 647 707 4345 containing your name, e-mail address and a brief message for immediate follow-up
       *Conditions apply


    When planning your Family or Business Celebration give us a chance to assure its success!  Text your inquiry to 647 707 4345 mentioning your name, e-mail address and brief Event info.
    Choose one of our specially decorated Rooms facing glorious Yonge and Wellington Streets of Toronto!
    When feeling more upscale and cosmopolitan we shall offer you a gorgeous spacious inside Patio of the MuvBar.
    We are happy to accommodate your events of 20 to 600 Guests!

    Choose from Three Service types offered:
    CHOICE FROM THE MARKET offers you a great variety for any taste to make your event bubbly and informal
    BUFFET STYLE:  You are welcome to pre-order your Food and Beverage Menu to enjoy your privacy
    SERVED MENU:  Select the number of courses in your Menu for our Chefs to customize it for you

    We shall gladly offer you a FULL SERVICE:  a Server(s) will be assigned to your Party to deliver the fine dining experience.

Picky's Menu for Kids

  • General Information

    We pay special attention to children eating with adults at Marche!

    Call the restaurant at 647 350 3999 ext. 4 to get an answer to any of question in regards to the kids' attending our restaurant, or e-mail

  • Picky's Menu for Kids

    Marche is the perfect place to go with Kids. For only $8.90* your little one can choose a Menu from the Market, one glas of Lemonade or Pop and enjoy one sccop of Ice Cream of Pop Corn.  All meals are prepared in front of their eyes.
    The Staff at the stations will be happy to let you know, which meals are available for your Kids.
    *All Prices in CAD before Service Charge & HST

  • Book a Surprise Party!

    Would you like to have a fun party for your kids?


    We are here to implement your most joyous events' plans in life:  with an entertainer, a clown or a magician!

    NEW!  We woud be happy to serve your Kids Meals from Kids' Menu


    Please contact Larysa at 647 707 4345 or for a customized quote


    Did you know that we have a wonderful playground* for the small ones?

    *Under Chaperons' supervision


    Fun Time with Picky!

    On Sundays at 11AM-1PM: colourings**, puzzles**, pictures with Real Picky

    Great variety of toys is available for Parents to purchase for their Kids and Loevd Ones

    And don't forget to pick up a Marche green balloon at the exit!

    *Under chaperons’ supervision   

    **Until the stocks last


Career with Marché®

YES!  Marché® is now hiring!


Would you like to have a stable career in restaurant industry with a growth opportunity, and a chance to enroll in an international training program?


We are now looking for Part Time Coffee Counter Help (start at 7:30-10:30AM) at our Concourse Store,  A Runner (start at 6:30AM) & Kitchen Position (start at 6AM) at our Bay Adelaide Stor


Please send your Resume to



  • Reservations

    Dear Fresh Food Fan


    We shall happily take your reservation for a party of 20 or more quests
    Please be informed that reservations from Friday 6pm till Sunday 8pm are only possible for groups of 20+ guests and a min. consumption of $20* per person


    Please contact our Host:  647 350 6999 for reservations during the week and Larysa: 647 707 4345 for reservations from Fri-Sun!

    *before Service Charge and HST


    We have a great value packages to offer for groups of 30 or more guests:


    Buffet set-up BREAKFAST in a separate room at $15.00 inclusive of Gratuity & HST: Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Breakfast Sausages, Toast, Coffee or Tea


    Served LUNCH in the room at $20.00 inclusive of Gratuity & HST: Soup, Sandwiches in Assortment (including Vegetarian); Mini-Dessert,Oopen Fountain Pop, Tea or Coffee


    Served DINNER in the room at $25.00 inclusive of Gratuity & HST: Small Salad, Rösti with 1/4 Chicken or Pasta Gratin (Meat or Vegetables); Mini-Dessert; Open Fountain Pop; Tea or Coffee


    Please call Larysa at 647 707 4345 to receive the full info!


    Are you looking to organize a Corporate or Privat Event?

    Let us plan your fun and flavourful event! Choose one of our specially decorated rooms like the cozy Swiss Hut, the French Brasserie etc. If you look for a cosmopolitan spot, check out our elegant MuvBar and Patio under the amazing and famous Calatrava Atrium. During the Summer our outdoor Patio, the MuvBox, is also available. Fingerfood, buffet style or served dinners...everything is possible. Contact Larysa for your personal quote. Email or phone 647 707 43 45




    We now offer $ 5.00* off your Brookfield Place Parking Ticket when you dine at Marche Brookfield Place


    *Valid after 6 PM on Monday through Friday, and all day on a weekend or holiday with a minimum consumption of $20.00** per person


    **Before Gratuity & HST


  • General Information

    MuvBar by Marché, the most Cosmopolitan Bar in Town accommodates 120 Guests is open from 11:00AM until closing

    It is a perfect place for any Family or Business celebration of any format, just text your inquiry to 647 707 4345 to find out more

    Enjoy its scrumptious Food, awesome Beverages, grand Ambiance when celebrating Life in the most glorious venue of Toronto!


    Endulge yourself in Martini to relax on a Tuesday night at MuvBar by Marche!


    Every Tuesday we offer a great variety of Martinis at $6.00* (plus $2.00 for Premiums)


    *Please drink responsibly, Price before Service Charge & HST


    NEW at our cosmopolitan MuvBar!


    Join us for Winging Wednesdays for a very Special $9.99* Offer of Wings and a Choice of:

    1) Domestic Beer**

    2) Glass of the Wine** of the Week (Red or White)

    3) One Single Spirit**


    *Before Service Charge and HST.   **Please drink responsibly!


    On Thursdays join us at MuvBar at 5:30 PM for a SKYY Night!


    Enjoy One complimentary welcome SKYY vodka shot* and scrumptious Marche hors d'oeuvres with your colleagues and friends


    *Please drink responsibly!


    Celebrate your well-deserved week-end at MuvBar by Marche Brookfield Place on Fridays!

    Enjoy local bottled Beer at $4.00*, local draft Beer, small Keiths or small Stella at $5.00*


    *Please drink responsibly, Price before Service Charge & HST


    Enjoy our OYSTERS & WINE Deal!


    Monday through Friday at 5-9 PM


    1/2 Dozen of Oysters and 5 oz. glass of White Wine of the Week at $15.99*


    *Please drink responsibly, Pricing before 12% Service Charge & HST


    Dear DIVAs

    On Wednesday, June 4 at 5:30-8:30PM join us at MuvBar for the chicest Event in Town.  Great networking, prizes to win, sparkling ambiance and music to make this DIVA most memorable.  What an amazing 1.5 min. clip on YouTube:

    Enjoy blogs on DIVA Nights to get a better idea about our stylish event:


    Entrance Fee is $15.00 before 12% Gratuity and HST for Two Beverages (Wine, Beer or freshly Squeezed Juice) and Marché® Signature Hors D'Oeuvres

    To register please connect with Larysa at


    On Wednesday, May 14 at 5:30-8:30PM join us at MuvBox (outside cosmopolitan Patio at Brookfield Place, Toronto) for a VIP Marché Club meeting, the best value Event in Town for successful in Business Ladies and Gentlemen.  Stylish ambiance, high quality networking will make this Event memorable and worth-attending.




    Entrance Fee is $15* for 2 Beverages, Marche Signature Hors D'oeuvres, and a chance to win a Prize**
    RSVP to Larysa at
    *Before 17% Gratuity and HST
    **No purchase necessary



NEW! Sushi at Marché Brookfield Place Street Level:  High Quality, Variety and Value.

Our New Chef's will show you the true art of making Sushi in front of your eyes to experience her Sushi's scrumptious deliciousness within 5-7 minutes!


This amazing Cosmopolitan Outside Patio between Brookfield Place sky scrapers is perfect for a Corporate Event/ Cocktail/ One-Day Event/ Lounge type celebration.


If planned well ahead of time we can accommodate Events for up to 400 Guests.


Bring your Party to Marche to get rewarded with a Marche gift card*.  Text your Event inquiry to Larysa at 647 707 4345 containing your name, e-mail address and a brief message for immediate follow-up
   *Conditions apply


  • Bonus Card

    Enroll in the BONUS Card Program to get a Free Meal worth $15.00:  when your total purchase is $15.00* or more, you will receive a loyalty stamp from the cashier on your Bonus Card.
    When you have collected 10 stamps on your card, we will invite you to enjoy a free meal of your choice worth $15.00.
    Ask a cashier at any Marché® Restaurant for your own BONUS CARD today!  (The Bonus Card is valid for only one person, it is non-transferable and cannot be used for other promotional campaigns).
    * Before HST and Service Charge

  • Coffee Pass

    Enjoy your Marche complimentary Coffee (regular) every 15th Cup!

    Delicious and refreshing, fresh and foamy

    Did you know we brew decaffeinated Coffee as well?


  • 30-Year-Fresh-History

    We've got a grand reason to celebrate: Marché is turning 30 this year!


    Celebrate with us and follow our postings about our exciting 30th anniversary,

    and let the Fresh Journey begin!


    "Thirty years ago Marché was revolutionary in professional gastronomy:  Radical freshness, maximum transparency, the kitchen right in the middle of the dining area - these became benchmark concepts for the entire industry.  Every bit of their current worldwide success has been honestly earned.  Congratulations and good luck for the next 30 years!", says Gretel W., gastronomy expert and editor-in-chief of "Food Service Europe"



    NEW at Marché Natural Bakeries at Brookfield Place Concourse Level


    Marché Pretzels are so delicious that you would want to take them home for your Family!


    Welcome PRETZEL QUEEN, classical and with Fillings in Amazing Assortments


    Sweet w/Blueberries & Custard

    Sweet Pretzel with Almonds

    Savoury Pretzel with Cheese...  Great variety to assure your Successful Day!


    Start your successful week with a full-of-aroma cup of Cafe au Lait at $2.99* on Mondays!


    *Before Service Charge and HST


    Chilled Marché® Lacchino Drinks!  Enjoy creamy coffee pleasure - prepared from espresso, milk and a shot delightful syrup: Iced Chocolate/Caramel/Vanilla Lacchino

    Or fresh milk pleasure - prepares of milk, lime tea or schokoladig harsh biscuit, refined by a shot delightful syrup: Iced Oreo Cookie Lacchino or Iced Lime Lacchino

    The perfect refreshment for the summer!

    We offer different Lacchino sampling through the day!

  • SAVE 10% ON CAKE!

    Make your celebration special by ordering a Marché Cake with a customized wording!


    Coming in great flavours (Red Velvet, Chocolate Mousse, Cheesecake, Strawberry Shortcake, Black Forest, Sponge Cake) and in 3 sizes you and your Guests will love Marché freshest Cakes:

    1/4 Slab Cake at $38.50* is good for ~15 Guests
    1/2 Slab Cake at $77* serves ~30 Guests
    Full Slab Cake at $140* would serve ~60 Guests


    * Minus 10% Discount, Before Gratuity & HST if served in a restaurant, Before HST if catered

    Text your Order to Larysa at 6477074345 with your name, e-mail address and Order TODAY!



    Discover an amazing world of Hot Drinks with Marché, choose from a vast variety of those in the restaurant and try the recipes from Marché Newsletter available on any table in the Restaurant:

    Chia Latte and Chai Spice Blend

    Stay tuned with many more recipes on Marché Restaurants Canada on Facebook!


Are you a  SPORTS FAN?

Marche now offers a NEW SportsCard for one Beverage and one Meal at $11.99*!

Beverage Choice: Molson Canadian, Coors Light, one glass of red or white Wine of the week, or one glass of a fountain Soda Pop
Food Choice:
Burger (Chicken or Beef) with Fries, Mixed Fries (Sweet Potato Fries and regular Fries), Schnitzel Burger, Marche Hot Dog, 1 pound Chicken Wings, Poutine, Calamari Fritto, Fish & Chips, a Two Topping Pizza, or a Maple Leaf Chicken Savoury Crepe.

*Before Service Charge and HST, Offer valid on the day of the Event with the same ACC/Rogers ticket

Marché Brookfield Street Level Gallery

MUVBAR Your Afterwork Bar

MuvBar is the most Cosmopolitan Bar in Town: grand Ambiance, exquisite Cocktails and scrumptious hors d'oeuvres will brighten up your afternoon from 11 AM till Closing

Text your inquiry to 647 707 4345 to get a customized Quote of a Family of Business Celebration in any format!



MuvBar @ Marche
181 Bay St., ON, Toronto
Tel 647 350 6999 ext. 4

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