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Food & Beverage

Marché® - Fresh, healthy and fast!
Marché® is the original when it comes to display cooking and offers the feeling as if you were eating in a market. Freshness and quality is in high demand therefore, we prepare our meals right in front of our waiting guests and provide an informal, comfortable atmosphere.  These are only two ways, among many, in which we satisfy our guests.  The guests stroll through the market and can’t help but not only be attracted to the presentations, but also select from a variety of top-quality and fresh products. The thoughtful preparation of our wide range of products can be experienced with every one of your senses.


Visit our patisseries at locations Lom 2, Tepanje 2 and Obrežje.


We offer daily fresh pastries, prepared according to the recipes of our grandmothers. Without any additives or other supplements. You can taste the chocolate, seasonal fruit...

Also available as take-away.


More flavor due to:

  • the use of high-quality, locally produced meat
  • juicy, uncut roasts that are slowly and gently cooked until golden brown
  • distinctive flavor by using our own blend of seasonings
  • spicy, seasonal meat marinades from carefully selected herbs, vegetables and olive oil
  • constant fresh preparation


Marché® Tea Quality
Carefully selected tea without any preservatives or artificial color. Fresh herbs and spices used when brewing, as well as home-made seasonal syrups to sweeten your drink make our tea an absolute pleasure

Fresh Juice

More flavor due to:

  • constant fresh preparation with close attention to the time
  • gentle hand-pressing of our juices
  • healthy ingredients that are rich in vitamins
  • juices made of juice, and nothing but juice
  • seasonal fruit and vegetables
  • products supplied from regional sources
  • original and creative variations


More flavor due to:

  • the use of fresh herbs and spices
  • the use of high-quality oils (olive oil)
  • the selection of regional and local products
  • our emphasis on seasonal vegetables
  • the fresh preparation of the products
  • the careful preparation of the raw products
  • the accentuation of the unique flavor of the products


Fresh and Homemade
Marché® offers a wide range of seasonal pastries. These are freshly baked right before your eyes and around the clock. Check out our new "spelt wheat" option.


More flavor because we:

  • prepare fresh, home-made products everyday
  • bake bread from healthy raw ingredients
  • offer low-calorie, home-made jams and jellies
  • use only seasonal, fresh ingredients
  • slice our cold-cuts from the block (sausage, ham, salami, cheese etc.)
  • have home-made, marinated vegetables
  • offer a wide selection of both hot and cold dishes

Natural Bakery

We bake exclusively according to the guidelines and customs of the traditional baker craftsman.


  • 100% natural dough
  • no baking mixes
  • preparation of our dough on site
  • regional suppliers
  • long fermenting times for a more intensive taste
  • healthy bread variations
  • sourdough breads
  • bread is continuously, freshly baked
  • home-made jams and jellies for sandwiches

Potato dishes


Daily cooked potatoes, prepared in different ways and enriched with either vegetables, meat, cheese or mushrooms.

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