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Make an education by Marché®! You will learn how to satisfy the guest-wishes, how to work experienced, how to present products and how to manage and control the costs.
In addition to that you learn cooking and baking in a delicious way! 


Prerequisites for a "fresh" training program:

  • at least 16 years of age
  • impressive school grades and certificate
  • understanding of basic business principles (for training as System Caterer)
  • enjoy working directly with the products
  • enjoy contact with our guests
  • team and communication skills
  • an eye for detail
  • stamina and reliability
  • curious to learn something now


We are looking forward to receiving your "fresh" application. Send it to:

  • your reasons for applying
  • tabular résumé with photograph
  • copy of your letters of recommendation 
  • certificates from any internships, seminars, etc. you have completed 


>> Here are the open fresh trainee positions we currently have 


Duration: 3 years in a dual course structure (practical experience and school)


  • preparing and cooking food
  • implementing modern kitchen technology and modern equipment 
  • nutritional physiology, considering economical and ecological aspects 
  • observing hygiene regulations 
  • presenting products 
  • tending to and advising guests

Day of apprentices 2014

On Feb. 23, 2014 our apprentices took over the leadership in many of our German restaurants. Do you want to become a member in our fresh team? Apply now!

Skilled Staff

Skilled Staff in the Hotel and Restaurant Industry:
Duration: 2 years in a dual course structure (practical experience and school)


  • production, presentation and sales
  • tending to and advising guests
  • organizing work process flows
  • ensuring quality standards

Video Day of Apprentices

On March 24th, 2013 the trainees were the chefs in many Marché® Restaurants. Here you can take a look over the shoulders of our trainees at Hannover Airport. Have fun! 

Restaurant Specialist

Duration: 3 years in a dual course structure (practical experience and school)

  • tending to and advising guest
  • serving food and beverages
  • organizing service processes
  • decorating rooms and tables
  • organizing and setting up internal & external events
  • preparing special offers
  • implementing billing systems
  • mastering service, food and beverage management

Apprentice Smart 2015

Congratulations to our apprentices!

Also in this year our best apprentices got rewarded with a Marché® Smart. All expenses will be covered by Marché® for one year!

Azubi Smart

Marché® Smart

Performance is our priority.  Therefore, our top trainees and apprentices will be recognized and rewarded.  For example, a Smart will be rewarded to the top six trainees who have a grade higher than 1.3 (in Germany or Austria) or 5.4 (in Switzerland) after completing two years in their program.  All the expenses will be covered by Marché for one year!  For more information and to read about the exact conditions of this program, please contact us at

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