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Cooking with Picky

Picky loves to cook with children and to bake something really delicious. You can find a few ideas here about things that you might like to cook or bake at home. Picky also has a few really cool decoration ideas that you can make yourself.

Have a lot of fun trying these things out!

Funny Tomato Beetles

Antipasti for kids!

Picky is happy to show you how you can make your own funny tomato beetles from fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.


Try it out – and have fun!

Fish Stick Wraps

Picky shows you how you can easily make your own fish sticks from fresh fish and then turn it into wraps for a real party highlight.
Simply tasty!

Lemon pig

Sour things make you laugh - and they are really refreshing, too!

Picky can show you how to make your own lemon decorations that will be a real attraction at your next children’s party.


You can find the decoration ideas here:

Ice cubes that taste good!

Did you know that lots of drinks also taste really good when they are frozen?


All you need to do is pour fruit juice, smoothies or lemonade into an ice cube tray and then put it into the freezer for a few hours...

Tastes really great! Try it out and have fun!


You want to bake the "Three Wise Men" cake like a professional? Then you can find here the right recipe.

Have fun baking!


And additionally Picky has instructions for you how to make your own crown!


You want to clink glasses with a glass of cold punch? Then Picky has a great recipe for you.

Easy to make and very tasty - have fun!


Do you feel like baking cookies? Just try our easy recipe for tasty cookies.

Have fun baking!


Picky's advice for decoration: Sugar icing made of natural ingredients!

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